The Way Forward

    Should President Trump concede for the good of the country, recognizing that there is just a 1-2% chance the results of the election will be overturned by the Supreme Court, if these cases ever get there?

    Of course not, and here’s why.

    It is not only that protracted litigation will make it more difficult for Democrats to pull off the same illegal shenanigans and steal the two Senate seats in Georgia headed for a runoff, although that would be sufficient on its own. It is that cheaters should never prosper or, if they do, they should be called to account for it. It strikes me that irrational hatred of Donald Trump was so great that well over 85% of Democrats would have no objection to winning this election even if cheating was the only way, and I would love to be proven wrong.

    We have had prior experiences with Democrat presidential cheating to victory. It is widely assumed that the 1960 election was stolen for John Kennedy over Richard Nixon by 100,000 votes of dead people, primarily from Illinois but also some from Ohio. Nixon was gracious and conceded the next day knowing he was robbed, doing it for the good of the country, not that he received any credit for it. American politics doesn’t reward losers, only winners. In 1960 the country was divided but was not as bitterly polarized as it is today. (Don’t even mention Bush-Gore in 2000. It wasn’t Bush who failed to punch through the chads on the voting cards, thereby invalidating them.)

    It is clear that Democrats are such passionate partisans that they will vote long after they shed their mortal coil. And who says “the dead do not know anything” (Kohelet 9:5)? Apparently they care quite a bit. Here are the credible reports of cheating:

  1. corpses voting (Nevada, Michigan, et al);
  2.  tens of thousands of ballots delivered to presumably-closed counting facilities at 4:00 AM (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia);
  3.  election officials filling in blank ballots and stamping them “Received” (Michigan);
  4.  poll watchers denied access to watching polls, despite court orders (Pennsylvania);
  5. election officials illegally calling Biden voters who had wrongly filled out their ballots and helping them re-vote (Pennsylvania);
  6. voters at the polls discovering that someone had already voted for them (Arizona);
  7. non-residents voting (Nevada, Arizona) and voter rolls never updated used to generate multiple ballots (several states);
  8. voters who never voted and yet had someone vote for them (Arizona, Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania);
  9.  voters told to use a writing implement that would disqualify their ballots (Arizona);
  10.  election officials illegally covering the windows of their facilities so they could not be observed (Pennsylvania, Michigan);
  11.  Trump ballots thrown out and not counted (Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia);
  12. statistically-impossible numbers of Biden “voters by mail” – in some cases, 100% of vote batches went for Biden (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin);
  13. computer “glitches” that switched thousands of Trump votes to Biden votes (Michigan, and a dozen other states);  
  14. Rogue intelligence officials mucking around the system; and others.

    The interested can easily find videos and affidavits that document all of this.

     Note how the criminality took place in a select number of states. It is astonishing how easy it is to pull off and how difficult to thwart. There were many states that were definite Trump territory and definite Biden territory, and others that were likely Biden and likely Trump. Cheating in those states is a waste of time. Mass cheating is only necessary in a small handful of states, with one or two states set aside for more modest cheating as an insurance policy.

     Thus, Democrats knew that Trump could not win without Pennsylvania and Georgia, and would need Ohio, Michigan or Wisconsin (even two out of three) for a margin. The states therefore that most lend themselves to widespread fraud are those controlled by Democrats at all levels (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin), with Georgia a runner up because of the Democrat domination of Fulton County. That is why unbelievable numbers for Biden were produced in Philadelphia (literally, produced) and Atlanta that overwhelmed all other vote totals. These are districts where you can find thousands of votes for Biden (and Obama) and not a single vote for a Republican.

    The fraud was widespread, obvious, criminal and embarrassing. What is worse is that there is nothing that can be done about it. There really is no remedy. Sure, a handful of people will be prosecuted for election fraud, and nothing will come of that. Each state could appoint a different set of electors but the chance of that happening in Democrat controlled states is 0%. In theory, the Supreme Court could rule that the fraud in any given state was so overwhelming as to invalidate their electoral votes, which, if sufficient in number, would leave both candidates short of the 270 electoral votes needed for victory. There is about a 2% chance of that happening, and most likely, the Court will rule that there was evidence of fraud but not enough to impugn the integrity of any state’s vote, and the results will stand.

     At that point, after the Court rules, President Trump should announce that he was robbed, the election was fraudulent and a disgrace, as he predicted, that Biden is an illegitimate president, but that he will honor the decision of the Court because that is the American way.

     The Democrats and the media they control will cry foul, ironic in light of the refusal of the Democrats to ever acquiesce in the results of the 2016 election, and further insincere given Hillary Clinton’s advice to Biden just last month that he should “never concede defeat.” Republicans well recall the “resistance” that arose the day after the election of 2016 and never stopped. They have plotted coup after coup – including this election – and finally succeeded.

    Trump will leave office as the most successful one-term president ever. He will be bashed for at least 1-2 years, as the Dems will blame all unsolved problems, including Corona, on him. Meanwhile Trump should continue holding rallies, energizing the base, keep Biden’s feet to the fire, blast him for refusing to accept an unrehearsed, spontaneous series of questions from the media, criticize him when necessary, castigate the media for their palpable bias and harm to their profession, return to business  – and announce that he will not run in 2024.

     When Biden’s policies inure to the detriment of American Jewry, they will spin it as positive. In the end, the Jewish vote didn’t count for much, as their states are solidly Democrat. Their party will abandon them long before – but long before – they will abandon their party.

     The people have spoken, and then some. Such is life. H. L. Mencken wrote almost a century ago that “democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” We shall see.

A confident G-d-fearing Israel will fare quite well if it learns again to say “no” when appropriate. We could be having new elections here next March but we are well situated, with G-d’s help, to withstand a Biden/Harris administration.

     And across the ocean, G-d bless America?

     Better:  G-d help America.


One response to “The Way Forward

  1. The odds are not that low, Rabbi. There are 5 Conservatives on the Court. Conservatives – not merely Republicans (like Roberts). Three of them had their names dragged through the mud at their confirmation hearings, one of them by Joe Biden himself. None of them are susceptible to media blandishments. The body of Constitutional law, and its various “strict scrutiny” and “intermediate scrutiny” etc, were all made up out of thin air by Judges on this Court. So הם אמרו והם אמרו. What’s to stop them from inventing a new standard for mail in ballots, or for presidential elections like this, where the fraud is so obvious that the GOP made gains in every sector, including state houses, yet somehow the leader magically lost?

    The Dems knew the Republicans would see the fraud, they just counted on them not having the stomach to fight. (Indeed, just like Nixon and Kennedy.) The plan was and is to weaken the resolve to challenge it by sneering dismissal of the grounds, by pretending there’s no evidence, by calling challengers “conspiracy theorist”, and to play on the willingness of many older republicans to get stepped on for (imagined) law and order. But they didn’t realize that times have changed, That Trump is a fighter, and the people have grown tired of this. There are five Judges who have waited their whole lives for something like this. They will never have another chance as great as this to make their mark on the country. You think they’ll pass up the chance?

    I wouldn’t be so sure. A long shot – sure, maybe. But not so low are you’re making it out. Already grudging recognition is starting to come out that PA will probably be reversed, and some of the other states are very shaky. The GOP knew well in advance the democrats were counting on mail-in ballots to steal the election. [I wont even discuss here the connection to the politics of Corona and mail in ballots.] The legal teams have been prepared for months. It may be an uphill battle, but so was the Normandy Invasion and the battle for the Golan Heights. Uphill battles have been won before, plenty of times. Let’s wait and see.