The Mirror

     The reaction to the Trump victory has been over-the-top, provoking raucous and even violent demonstrations by those whose commitment to democracy tolerates only one legitimate electoral outcome – the one they prefer. They shout epithets at the man whom they despise because he used epithets, and act violently to protest the man they fear will bring violence to American streets. They are trying to destroy America to thwart the man they believe will destroy America. One wonders how they have so much time off from work, until the realization dawns that violent protest is their paid profession.

Certainly there are more restrained opponents of the president-in-waiting, who fear the consequences of aspects of his character and his unformed policy prescriptions. That, indeed, is true of every opponent of every new president. But those ideological opponents are not taking to the streets, not denouncing Trump at every turn, and not demanding – demanding! – that the rest of society join them in their disgust, issue proclamations against him, and oppose all his policies and appointments. They will not be satisfied until Trump adopts their view of every issue and nominates for his cabinet people they approve. Of course that will not happen. The unrestrained antagonists can be ignored, save for the violence, but the Jews among them who think calling someone racist, bigot, sexist, etc. has any potency anymore should take a look in the mirror.

The Baal Shem Tov said that righteous people who have no evil within them do not see evil in others. For everyone else, the evil we see in others is essentially what we do not want to see in ourselves. It is as if when we are looking at others, especially critically, we are standing in front of a mirror really looking at ourselves. What bothers us about others should really bother us about ourselves and induce us to change, learn, grow, and improve. And at first, it is worthwhile to recognize what is right before our eyes.

President-elect Trump has elicited strong, even hysterical reactions, for both his real and imagined flaws. One would think that with the elections over it would be prudent for even his opponents to reconcile with the new reality. That so many cannot is a comment more on them than on him. Those who take to the streets to scream, yell, wave signs, break windows, shout vulgarities and cause mayhem are worse than immature; they have become a caricature of everything they are protesting. They may be looking at Trump but they are seeing the worst in themselves.

It is hard to deny that over the last few decades America has become a decadent, even vulgar, society. The lewd and the crude are standard entertainment offerings, with many critics even deprecating family entertainment (notwithstanding that it usually produces higher revenue) as saccharine and old-fashioned. Trump has been rightly criticized for his occasional vulgar speech, although certainly that should not define his personality any more than any other single attribute defines a person. He does push the ends of the envelope when he is not altogether shredding the envelope. But he is actually quite representative of the society that he will soon lead. The crude language that he uses on occasion is quite typical of American culture. It is ironic that many protesting his crudity revel in it when the practitioners are rap singers, entertainers, and cable television offerings. Their words are the same as his words, except that his are used more sparingly and often whimsically.

Whatever offensive things he has said are actually tame compared to the lyrics of rap, the ranting of bad comedians, and what the tawdry culture celebrates. We should remember that New Yorkers first got to know Donald Trump as a real estate developer, but much of the rest of the country became familiar with him as an entertainer. This is the culture. What so many of his critics loathe in Trump is, perhaps, what they should loathe about American society but they don’t. They are just looking in the mirror and don’t like what they see.

On the flip side, Hillary Clinton represented another coarse aspect of modern life that many of her supporters generally and studiously ignored: the high-flying and sweet rhetoric offered the public contrasted with the crass materialism, insider deals, rank dishonesty and insatiable greed that was the private Clinton world. That she traded access for money, lots of it, is undeniable. Sadly, the American culture has long rewarded the something-for-nothing mentality, from the top of society to the bottom. She was an especially heavy-handed and oleaginous practitioner of it, but also is not atypical of the society. Consider that Harry Truman – also a vulgarian by the way but one of the most honest men ever to serve as president – said that the only way one can make money in politics is by being a crook. We should look in the mirror and ask ourselves why that was tolerable to so many.

Add to that one other lamentable aspect of the culture: the incessant assertions that Clinton was entitled to the presidency because she was a woman and it was “about time.” Nothing has made American life more vacuous than the identity politics played by the Democrats. Who you are and what you are is not as important as to which group you belong, as if choosing a president is all about checking off the right boxes on the diversity application. Such an approach is demeaning to the individual’s status as a unique creature of G-d, but it nonetheless prevails in much of the mass media and the general society. Unfortunately, that will get worse before it gets better, and it cannot get better until each person looks in the mirror and sees a human being and not part of a class.

Finally, the shrillness of Trump’s critics has become especially strident with the demands – demands! – that Trump apologize for this uttered word or not appoint that guy, that rabbis denounce this speech or that act, that everyone kowtow to the social media mob. It is actually amusing that some of the people who did not vote for Trump are now demanding – demanding! – that he fire this guy, change this policy, or else. Or else… what?

I don’t know Steve Bannon from Steve Madden (although I am partial to anyone named Steven) but the customary accusations from the left have descended on him full force (big league, as the president-elect would say). The vehemence of the accusations against him that he is a Jew-hater are in inverse proportion to the evidence of that charge, which evidence is actually quite skimpy and disreputable. Why Trump should heed his opponents and dismiss a loyal aide is a mystery, mitigated only by the realization that he will justifiably ignore them. The louder they get, the less people hear them.

What is no mystery, and quite-off-putting, is the frequency at which charges of “anti-Semitism” (as people inexplicably call Jew-hatred) are leveled against anyone with whom many liberal Jews disagree or who make an off-handed crack. It is the stock in trade of organizations such as the ADL, long just an irritant – an expensive irritant, at that – without any power or influence in the Jewish or non-Jewish world. Its only weapon is that accusation, and so it lies in wait and sits in judgment of every utterance made by anyone. (I have been attacked several times by the ADL over the years – I frankly don’t remember for what – as has Jerry Seinfeld, among numerous others.)

Granted that this is what they do for a living, but when Jewish organizations cheapen the use of this slur by sheer frequency and inappropriate use, it is like the boy who cried wolf. When it really happens – and real Jew hatred occurs, such as in the Crown Heights riots 25 years ago when the ADL was out-to-lunch, no one will pay attention. Would that the ADL was more exercised by the nomination of Keith Ellison as head of the Democratic National Committee! Now there’s a guy with some rough things to say about Jews and Israel, but criticizing a Democrat hits too close to home. They would be better off taking on “Black Lives Matter,” elements of which are permeated with Jew hatred.

In a most bizarre twist, an array of “Jewish” organizations is calling on Trump to denounce “anti-Semitism” (again) and announce his support for a Palestinian state. In other words, eviscerating the State of Israel is now a sign of philo-Semitism? Jews who love Jews are supposed to favor expelling Jews and renouncing Israeli sovereignty over the biblical heartland of Israel? We do live in strange times. Perhaps it is worth mentioning a cartoon that has made the rounds in the last week, with the caption: “The difference between Donald Trump and most leftist American Jews is that Trump has Jewish grandchildren.” If only these groups would realize that intermarriage is the most serious crisis facing them today, and compared to that, politics is beanbag.

As it is, few outside the leftist media echo chamber pay attention even today to their “demands.” Fortunately, the Social Justice Warriors who have arrogated to themselves the right to adjudicate everyone’s morality (except their own), speech, conduct and ideas are now, post-Trump victory, on the decline. They can yell and scream “racist!” “bigot!” “sexist!” and they will, and they will demand apologies, retractions, clarifications and penance from their targets in order to stay relevant, and the cowardly will accommodate them, but their moment has passed. They will be ignored because they should be ignored. They have committed the grave, modern offense of becoming boring, predictable, and tiresome. The tyranny of those who monitor every word or phrase for swift offense, and keep a dossier on the offenders, is over. Long live freedom!

They too should look in the mirror. Those who attack others for “intolerance” and insist on verbal reparations are among the most intolerant and bigoted people walking the earth today. If only they had the self-awareness to look at their targets and see the hatred in their own hearts for anyone with whom they disagree. They should follow the Baal Shem Tov and realize they are looking in the mirror.

Even this confirmed Mitnaged would welcome that type of neo-Hasidism.

15 responses to “The Mirror

  1. Kate Latta Hofherr

    Dear Rabbi — I’m most grateful for your post. It’s clarifying, thoughtful and on point! I’m a little perplexed by the issue of “intermarriage” being “the most serous crisis” the Jewish people face. Could you expand on that? My old world Christianity would understand that but my new worldview of acclimation and tolerance does not. Thanks again for being a blessed voice during this chaotic time. KLH

    • Intermarriage is devastating the Jewish community. The Torah obligates us to marry only Jews so that the truths of Torah can be effectively transmitted in a family unit. That is happening less and less to predictable results.
      – RSP

  2. What’s the difference between “anti Semite” and Jew-hater?

    • “Anti-Semite” was a term coined by the late 19th century Karl Lueger, a real Jew hater. He did it to prettify a vulgar hatred, to mislead rather than clarify. “We don’t hate Jews. Just Semites.”
      I have never heard of a Jew who defined himself as a Semite. Rav Elchanan Wasserman explains why we are descendants of Avraham and never trace our origin to Shem. So I always try to use “anti-Jewish” or “Jew-hater,” which makes the point clearer.
      Alas, a well known columnist once explained to me years ago that “anti-Semitism” is a known “brand” and is the accepted way of referring to Jew hatred, so it’s not going out of style. And I think Jews prefer the term as well, as it serves as a buffer of sorts. “They mean me? Nah, they mean the Semites.”

  3. For Israel, Numa Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood will not be running the White House. That is what the Trump victory should mean for Jews.

  4. A storm is darkest just before it passes. That is the meaning of the psychotic frenzy of accusations we have seen throughout this campaign and through the present. The “racismsexismantisemitism!!” jig is up. The spasms we are watching in morbid fascination are its death throes.

    If – and it is only an if – if the first glimmerings of a new dawn of anti-Semitism are on the horizon, it has nothing at all to do with Trump. Pushback from the right on the excesses of the left were inevitable, especially as the generation that passed Title VII begins to fade, and the less-sanguine effects of that law on the country become more and more apparent. And had Trump not won, the dangers of the extreme left would be looming even larger.

    I’m not happy that the ADL has, at last, hit rock bottom. I went through their leadership program, I’ve been to their dinners. But it is their own fault. Abe Foxman began the slide with his nonstop parade of condemnations, the rise of the new media made the slide irreversible, and the final act began with its incredibly foolish pick of a partisan Obama administration official to head it. A very similar trajectory to the decline of the media in general, actually. It’s a shame. Both institutions could have been so useful.

  5. perhaps do a post on the alt-right? Tell us why we should not have any concerns. As Jews, as people. They sit and talk about baseball right?

  6. More NewYork Times Double Standards against Israel:

    May G_d grant me that I should live to see the day when all Jews get smart and STOP BUYING THE NEW YORK TIMES and all other accursed anti-Jewish newspapers anti-Jewish magazines.

  7. Write on Rabbi!

  8. As usual, you hit the nail on the head when discussing bigotry and its vocal followers. Hopefully, time will dull this “intolerant of everyone” professional protester crowd, and they’ll have to find real jobs instead of living on taxpayer provided welfare and radical pablum.

  9. Sara Meira Bat Sara (a neo chassida born in Colombia and brought back to the Jewish fold by your wise hand BH)

    It’s so absolutely true. Each word. Thank you so much and may you have much Hatzlacha in everything.

    • Thank you so much for returning to our fold. We need discerning people like yourself to help shine the light of Torah, which is truth, to the rest of the world.