Summer Tour

I am happy to announce that once again this summer I am partnering with Kesher Tours. I’ll be leading a tour of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonian, including the majestic cities of Vilna, Kovno, Riga and Tallinn.
The tour leaves on June 26 and returns on July 4. We have planned an exciting itinerary filled with places of historic Jewish sites and places of general interest.
For details and reservations, please contact Kesher at 212-481-3721.
Last year’s tour to Spain filled up fairly quickly, so those interested should contact Kesher at your earliest convenience.


2 responses to “Summer Tour

  1. Kaf HaChaim comment on Orach Chaim, Siman 110, Sif Katan 31:
    After you depart from your city, say:
    “Behold, I accept upon myself without making a promise [bli neder],
    that when I arrive at my destination, I will recite Nishmat Col Chai.”

    Kaf HaChaim is a commentary on Orach Chaim and parts of Yoreh Deah, written by Rabbi Yaakov Chaim Sofer.
    He was born in Baghdad in 1870, moved to Jerusalem in 1904, published Kaf HaChaim in 1905 and died in 1939.