Please be advised that the miscreant previously addressed in this space( can now be identified as (name deleted) of (deleted), Florida. He has most recently been located as living, despite his relative youth,  with one (deleted).

A seruv for refusing to give his wife a Get after being so directed by Bet Din was issued by the Beth Din of America, and signed by HaRav Gedalia Dov Schwartz on March 29, 2012. (Deleted) is now in violation of the seruv and is thus continuing to tpersecute and abuse his wife. Any social pressure – known as the harchakot of Rabbenu Tam – that can be applied to convince (Deleted) to do the right thing and give his wife a Get would be most welcome and a virtuous act. (Deleted) harbors the delusion that his ex-wife (they are already divorced civilly) really, secretly, wants him back. Anyone who can disabuse him of this madness would be doing a great Mitzva. It is unfathomable, but there have been a number of small congregations in South Florida that have in the past hired (Deleted) as their rabbi/baal koreh. He has been fired from some of these positions, but it is wholly inappropriate, a grave violation of Jewish law and an absolute farce for any congregation to allow this (Deleted)to read the Torah for them or to in any way function as a “rabbi.”

As anticipated, (Deleted) has again commenced a campaign of slander and vilification against me. He has attempted as well to intimidate the other dayanim, and also to find rabbis who in their contempt for women will rationalize his repugnant behavior. I laugh at his attempts, and I – in the name of the Bet Din – urge him to give his wife a Get as directed, do the right thing, move on with his life, behave as a decent Jew to his ex-wife and his children, and contribute something meaningful to society. All these attacks on me and others will be worthwhile on the day that (Deleted) frees his wife from the torment to which he has subjected her for several years.

May Hashem bless all those who can help unchain this aguna.


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