The Gender Benders

     All things weird seem to originate in California. Just last week, a public school in Oakland subjected its youthful charges to a day of “gender diversity” training. Led by a Gender Spectrum trainer (with, unfortunately but typically, a Jewish name, and an appearance straight from the 1960’s), children were taught that “you can be a boy, you can be a girl, you can be both, or you can be neither.” Such is freedom of choice in the land of the free, which is liable not to be confused with land of the “educated” in the immediate future.

      Add to this the news that a Canadian couple has decided to hide their newborn’s sex from the world in order to encourage a gender-neutral upbringing (he looks like a boy, or Heaven help him), and we have social engineering run amok and a new method of pushing the ends of the envelope to challenge existing social norms.

      But why stop there ? For example, imagine a world in which children were free to choose their race, a world in which the troglodytes who determine race based on some reprehensible criterion like “skin color” are forever silenced ? In one fell swoop, we could eliminate the scourge of racism. Blacks could choose to be white and thereby increase sales at the Gap; whites could choose to be black and dominate the NBA. Asians could choose to be white and have their grades decline. Skin color is so limiting, and judging one’s race by skin color is so  antiquated.

     Then, we can allow people to choose their nationalities. Why must that designation be confined to countries of origin or residence ? North Koreans and Saudi Arabians can become “Americans by choice” and, in an instant, free at last. Americans can opt for Chinese citizenship and thereby still remain the dominant country in the 21st century. John Lennon lives ! “Imagine there’s no countries!”

    Imagine there’s no intelligence, common sense and morality, and we have a better description of what is happening. From one perspective, the decline and abuse of public schools continues. Have American youth aced math, science and classical literature that taxpayer-financed schools can afford to spend time on  indoctrination – and indoctrination of such a perverse nature ? Of course, the  Bible cannot be taught for fear of whatever, and so children cannot learn that “male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27). But “anti-Bible” apparently can be taught, all in the guise of teaching sensitivity, anti-bullying, mutual  respect, etc.

     From another perspective, the Oakland propaganda campaign recalls the adage that some ideas are so preposterous that only someone university-educated could believe them. Even worse, it is sinister, as it corrupts one of the fundamental functions of education: the capacity to draw distinctions, and to learn about life through the ability to distinguish. What must offend the “Gender Spectrum Coordinator” is the idea that men and women are different, fundamentally and irrevocably so, and the world was created in such a manner and we are all better off for it. There are great similarities (each was created in the “image of G-d”), but there are profound differences in the way men and women think, act, interact, communicate, feel, emote, and live. It is what makes the world interesting, and what enables men and women in a normal society to pool their common resources, fuse their disparate personalities – and build homes that rear healthy, functional children. One need not adhere to a rigid view of roles (no male nurses, no female engineers!) to recognize that there are roles and tasks that are uniquely suited to males and females respectively, and that a stable society depends on them.

     A healthy, functional child – male or female – ideally benefits from both male and female influences. Where that does not or cannot happen, it is a tragedy. It is certainly never a desideratum under any circumstances. Some single parents make it work despite the challenges; most struggle, and often the struggles are not at all attributable to the dedication of that parent but to the inherent difficulties of the situation. But no one would deny that there is a unique role for father and mother that only each can play. Strike that – someone would deny it; it is actually being taught in Oakland, and likely elsewhere.

     How is that education ? If a teacher stood before a class and routinely taught that 1+1=3, such a teacher would be fired (or in the public school system where few are fired, the teacher would be put in the rubber room for years at full pay, and then retired at full pension). To teach that gender doesn’t matter, or is a
matter of choice, is simply false. What can be excused as the idiosyncrasies of
a meshugganeh couple in Toronto is inexcusable in the American public
education system. It is gross mis-education. It is also an obvious attempt to
further the homosexual agenda.

     What underlies this curriculum is the desire to de-stigmatize homosexuality, and the attempt to make sexual attractions as morally innocuous as one’s choice of ice cream flavors. Clearly, one who can “choose” to be a boy, girl, both or neither can also “choose” to become attached to any or all of the above. Not content to proclaim that sexual orientation is innate, the gender-benders seek to enshrine their views by promoting the notion that gender itself is a hollow, social contrivance.
And people expect their children to actually learn something from these schools ? It even sounds contradictory: how can orientation be innate, when gender itself is a matter of choice ? Hmmm… could the exact opposite be true ?

    This follows on the heels of a new comprehensive survey (CDC) that revealed that 1.3% of Americans identify as homosexual, a survey that has the homosexual lobby reeling. They like to assert that 10-15% or more of the population are homosexuals – the difference between roughly 4 million people and 40 million people. Interestingly, an even more recently released Gallup poll claimed that about 25% of those surveyed felt that one of every four people is homosexual, owing, if nothing else, to the high profile of the homosexual community. (Jews have a similar profile.  Years ago, a non-Jewish lawyer
colleague of mine estimated – at my request – that there are approximately
40-50 million Jews in America (!). His deduction was simply based on the
prominence of the Jewish community in American life. He was shocked to learn  that his estimate quadrupled the Jewish population in the entire world.)

      In both cases, prominence is conflated with prevalence. Homosexuals are disproportionately represented in the media, arts and entertainment industries – all high profile occupations – and therefore their numbers are wildly inflated. But their influence is even more wildly exaggerated, and the deference paid to them – including such educational travesties as above – absolutely ridiculous compared to their real numbers, which is roughly equivalent to the Jewish population in America.

     To be sure, what is private should be kept private, and tolerance, love, mutual respect and fair treatment should pertain to all. But Americans are done a disservice when their children’s education is distorted, and classroom time usurped for the indoctrination of views that are false, harmful, and – because they are so unnatural – ultimately futile.

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