The Jewish Channel

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to participate in The Rabbi’s Roundtable on The Jewish Channel (, a cable station with programs and features ideally geared to Jewish audiences. A number of issues, then timely but always timeless, were discussed. With their kind permission, it is linked here:

Enjoy the program, and if you wish, The Jewish Channel itself.



3 responses to “The Jewish Channel

  1. “ Rabbis of different denominations discuss and debate issues…”

    Most of the time I am a fan of Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, but this time I must disagree.

    Public religious debates with Reform and Conservative Jews are forbidden by Halachah.

    Furthermore, a public discussion with one Orthodox Rabbi and one Conservative Rabbi and one Reform Rabbi reinforces the mistaken impression that Orthodox, Conservative and Reform are equally valid approaches to Judaism.

  2. I enjoyed the discussion.
    Thank you for standing up for Torah against the voices that sometimes present themselves as more compassionate than the Almighty.
    I wonder if very foundational issues like same sex marriage will have the effect of reducing the weight of interpretational law (cheese burgers).

  3. In response to Mr. Cohen, if Orthodox rabbis do not present the truth of Torah to the general public, then who will ? If we abdicate the marketplace of ideas to the non-Torah community, then how will the message of Torah be disseminated ? Especially, in the context of the program, I think it was clear that the Torah viewpoint stands in sharp contrast to the views entirely molded by liberal, secular thought. In the 1950’s, avoidance of public debate was warranted; today, it is not, and not to engage them in very strong and clear terms is a sign of weakness. and impairs our ability to teach Torah.